GoodBye Buffalo.

This is the final farewell.  Today is the last day of work, my last night in Buffalo.  I’m handing in my phone and laptop today.  About to be tech-less. 

My boyfriend and I will be traveling across continental US and Canada for the next two years, while we’re young, nimble, and debt/responsibility free.

I think it’s finally sinking in.. that I have to say a temporary GoodBye to Buffalo.   There’s so many things I still need to do.  I never got toast, or tried the new bubble tea place.  I still haven’t seen a FULL Shakespeare in the Park (stupid thunderstorm).  I never got a weekend to bike the Olmsted Park system.  But I will be back.  I will knock those things off my list.  Before we leave tomorrow, we will be climbing City Hall to take one last view off of the observation deck, for an official farewell.  I wonder how different the city will be in 2 years.  I’m sure the city will be 10x more vibrant and alive with all the progress that is starting.

If you would like to follow our adventures as we hit the road, feel free to check out the tumblr we will be running! We’ll have updates, pictures and stories of our journey on the road.

Keep the Buffalove alive.  

Thanks for the past year and a half!  Remember to get out and experience our wonderful city! It’s people like you that care and love it that will allow it to grow and change for the better.

GoodBye Buffalo.

~Leah Wz.

B-Boy Battle- Under the Lights! Saturday at noon

If you’ve never been to a Battle at Verve Dance Studio, make sure you head out to this.  These are super fun events filled with talented people.  The end of the year competition starts at noon in front of the New Era building downtown.  There will be art vendors, free classes and local DJs from noon-3pm.  The competition heats up around 3pm as dancers compete for large money prizes.

Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts- This Weekend

Make sure you check out one of the last festivals of the summer!  The Elmwood Art Festival runs this weekend, Saturday the 23rd from 10am-6pm and Sunday the 24th from 10am-5pm.  Start thinking Christmas?  Pick up some gifts early to cut down the holiday shopping costs!  Look for Buffalo pride shirts and crafts

A farewell…

I would like to thank ALL of my followers that I have gained over the past year and a half.  Running this blog has been one of my favorite hobbies. 

Unfortunately, I will soon be leaving Buffalo for about 2 years.  I’m hitting the road with  my boyfriend to travel across the country while we’re young and able, loan/home/kids free, and still covered by our parents health insurance.  

If you are interested in following our travels- I will be running another tumblr throughout our adventures.  Feel free to follow me and give us any travel suggestions!  

I will still be posting things to do in Buffalo over the next two weeks- no worries! I’m not leaving too too soon!

But again- a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made me feel like I was able to help give suggestions for things to do.  Forever spread the Buffalove!

Power Yoga Buffalo

Feeling stressed?  Stretch it out at Power Yoga for FREE on Friday at 6pm and Saturday morning at 10am.  The weather looks good, so bring your mat and some water for an intense workout.  There is only a couple more weeks of the fitness at Canalside programs, so if its on your bucket list- see you there!

Algae Blooms in Erie

Check out this article about the Algae Blooms in Lake Erie.  This is what caused the drinking water ban in Toledo Ohio.  What would happen if a ban occurred in Buffalo?!  Check out how you can help stop this disastrous issue.  The Great Lakes are the largest source of fresh water on the planet… we should be aware of everything happening to them!

Downtown living

How to fix downtown? Live downtown!  The project my company has been working on is about 30% leased already, and we’re not even done!  Check out the article by Buffalo Rising.